Tenere 700 hp

Instead of following in the foot steps of the majority of manufacturers in the adventure bike class where engine size weight and electronics have continued to increase, the Tenere comes at things from a different angle with a dry weight of kg kg wet74bhp and no electronic aids apart from ABS which can be switched off for off-road use.

It may be a relatively simple bike, but it has clearly been well thought through, giving a package that is truly useable.

It is also very competitively priced, be it on a PCP or bought outright. The KYB 43mm upside down forks give mm of travel and have compression and rebound damping. At the rear there is a Sachs shock with mm travel. The initial impression from the front is that they are soft, but once into the stroke they are well supported giving good feedback on road. Off road it as that initial softness that inspires confidence and gives good grip. Brakes are Brembo and they offer good power while retaining excellent feel.

The initial squeeze is soft braking power, a trait that shows the off-road focus of the bike where fine control is needed for loose, dusty, low grip trails. But the power is there and even when riding hard on road it was only necessary to use one finger on the brake. The rear is the same giving good levels of control even when wearing bulky motocross boots.

In fact, it's worth noting that on the MCN in Octoberwe awarded the Tenere the win when compared with the two other Yamahas on test - the MT and Tracer - as a road bike, completely disregarding its off-road talent. The cc parallel twin motor comes from the acclaimed Yamaha MT which was introduced back in It may only have 74bhp but it delivers everything is has in a fun, easy and engaging way.

tenere 700 hp

There is no vibration through the handel bars and the range of power and torque is impressive allowing you to let the revs drop to as low as rpm and still pull completely cleany and smoothly. There is more than enough power to make brisk progress on any public highway especially if you rely on the torque 50 ft-lb and character of the motor and learn to use higher gears than you would initially expect.

The way the power is delivered in conjunction to the chassis and suspension means the bike generates an impressive amount of mechanical grip and in turn gives the rider good feedback as to what the rear wheel is doing.

It has high quality suspension and Brembo brakes and as a package has been a long time coming so expect benchmark Japanese build quality and reliability. While there are reasons why it is cheaper in terms of spec and equipment levels, it still offers excellent value for money.

tenere 700 hp

The Tenere had the best fuel economy, returning Insurance group: 10 of 17 — compare motorcycle insurance quotes now. While the hardware is high quality, there are no electronic aids on the Tenere — so no different maps, traction control, quick shifter or auto blipper. The dash is basic, one colour and hard to read in dust or direct sunlight. The switches on the Tenere are fairly similar to Yamaha has been using since the '90s, but it all works well.

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GIVI Accessories for Yamaha Ténéré 700 - EICMA 2019

Yamaha Tenere Yamaha Tenere specifications, pictures, reviews and rating. More pictures Because this a a go-anywhere motorcycle that enables you to live life without limits and experience a new feeling of total freedom. Show full rating and compare with other bikes. Displacement :. Compression :. Bore x stroke :. Valves per cylinder:. Front suspension :. Rear suspension :. Wheelbase :. Compare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers.

Compare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers. Ships to most countries. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at Bikez. Join the 19 Yamaha Tenere discussion group or the general Yamaha discussion group.The first of which confirms that the bike will arrive with a cc parallel-twin engine. The seat height for the bike was also confirmed at mm.

This was expected after Nick Sanders commented on the higher height size during the same interview with ABR last month:. On the other hand, the biggest surprise from the announcement is that US residents will be forced to wait until the latter half of before being able to get their hands on one of these vehicles.

This much later date is due to a number of different government regulation standards set out in the US, when compared to Europe. Scheduling factory production has also played a part in the later release.

However, the firm did release a new trailer for the bike showcasing its performance off-road. See for yourself below:. Engine: cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valves, DOHC, 2-cylinder, parallel-twin. Maximum power: Log In Register. Remember Me. Lost your password? Who Are We? Home News. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok Read more.By Cruizin, May 12, in Yamaha Tenere engine and powertrain.

As evidenced below, USA mt07 same engine puts down They do tunes for some seriously talented teams and riders and are trackside all over the NW United states every weekend. Blue line is stock, red is their performance package with full Yoshimura exhaust.

The graves kit costs more but has 9 hp instead of 8 and even more impressive Torque increases. Here is another dyno run.

tenere 700 hp

Blue is stock, red is Graves full exhaust and matched ecu tune and an active tuner from. The graves graph doesn't look good. A massive drop below about 3, rpm as I see it. The other graph looks great though.

A nice increase all across the range.

Ténéré 700 World Raid Prototype

Google mt07 dyno, and you'll get plenty different figures, mostly higher values, but some even lower. Our MT07 forum is at fz Our inhouse tuner is 2 wheeldynoworks. They sync their dyno on a daily basis, so they are very accurate. And you certainly don't need that kind of power off road. Highway riders shouldn't get this bike.

This bike is for riding on and OFF road, atv trails, fire roads, deserts, mountains. I have a MT I find that 63 HP is plenty. It will wheelie, and it will move along when you crack the throttle. It has a different power curve than an inline 4. I got the MT 07 as a replacement to my 09 FZ1 and while the acceleration isn't the brutal, g-forces pushing you and your stomach of the back of the bike feeling that a cc sport bike has, it does get going when you ask it too.

But yeah, this engine is great on the street, power wheelies all day long. It will be sweet off road, too. Fly up any hill climb you want. I am positive it will have plenty of power for off road. I am certain that if the engine had not met Yamaha's expectations during World Raid or earlier than thatthe CP2 would not have found it's way into the T From my experience with the FZ07, I think this engine is going to be great on an off-road bike.T7 forum Guestsplease join us so that you can see the members only content.

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Auxiliary lights - what to choose? SuperMoto T7? Pics encouraged. Yamaha Tenere General Discussion. Yamaha Tenere Pics and Videos Post your pics and vids in here. Have a Youtube channel? Start a thread, get some views! New member introductions Say hello to your fellow ADV riders. Tenere Tech Tips Working on your T7?Back in November, we learned the highly-anticipated Tenere would become available as a model in Europe only with just a rough delivery date and no pricing.

Today Yamaha Motor Europe has more news about their all-new adventure bike — confirming details about pricing, priority ordering and delivery dates.

Ténéré 700 World Raid

After a long, drawn-out wait, Christmas is almost here for fans of the rally bike-inspired machine. The first deliveries of the Tenere planned in July of will be allocated to customers who order online on a first-come first-served basis.

This price is exclusively for online orders and applies until the online system closes on July 31st The Online Ordering System will enable customers to confirm their order for a variety of Tenere options, which will be available in the full power specification and in a restricted 47 horsepower 35kW version.

No information about an early ordering system has been given for the U. Due to differing government regulatory standards and factory production line schedules, the Tenere is scheduled to arrive at U. And while Europe receives three color options, so far, it seems Ceramic Ice will be the only color available for the U. To further optimize the versatility and look, Yamaha will release a wide range of Genuine Accessories for the Tenere The line-up will include luggage options and several other items to enable riders to travel further in comfort and convenience.

For more details and specs go here. Still way lighter than the AT. Weight seems about right to me. Quit yr whining. Not buying it…. Im in Indonesia and dont know if this bike will come but I would love to have one despite the being so advanced i like the Teneres appearance. KTM spec sheet shows R at lbs. I have removed the pegs and rear rack. One front disk and caliper.When the Tenere comes here to the U. The kind folks at Yamaha just wanted to give us an early test of the European model because we had been waiting so patiently for the Tenere to arrive.

Oh, and it was April 1. Yeah right, EvB. Funny stuff. Two days later the email came through. I would be heading to the south of Spain to test the Yamaha Tenere in May. The Tenere, as we know it today, has a long and storied history dating back to the Paris Motorcycle Show, where the XT Tenere was unveiled. JCO, as he was known, saw the potential in the Tenere for Yamaha not only on the race course but also in the international market as motorcyclists around the world began to dream of exotic rallies and the endless horizons to which these motorcycles could take them.

An immensely passionate man, Olivier can be credited with the development of the adventure category for Yamaha. Yamaha chose to use the name from the Tenere region of the Sahara desert which spans Niger and Chad and was part of the original Paris-Dakar Rally.

The vast, dry, sandy expanse would become known as an infamous stage of early Paris-Dakars due to its notorious sandstorms and challenging terrain. As the original Tenere was developed to be a true off-road machine, the development of the new Tenere follows in its footsteps. Yamaha says its development priorities for the new middleweight adventure bike were to be pure, fun, sporty, and light.

From the first time we had the chance to ride these motorcycles, we were sure the motor would be an excellent powerplant for an adventure bike. The punchy and torquey low- to mid-range power is addicting in these roadsters.

Yamaha obviously felt the same because the CP2 engine in the Tenere remains unchanged from the aforementioned models. The airbox, exhaust, and ECU mapping have all been tweaked to give even more mid-range torque while still delivering plentiful grunt down low, allowing the bike to tractor its way up through the rev-range.

The motor is easy to run a gear high knowing that you can roll on the throttle at low rpm to be greeted with smooth powerful acceleration. While the engine remains unchanged internally, Yamaha is using an updated ECU map and has also fitted a new airbox and exhaust for more low- to mid-range torque.

Even at overrev, the CP2 engine delivers smooth predictable power. This, Yamaha explains, is why they chose not to include traction control or any other rider aiding electronics on the Tenere aside from ABS, which is switchable on or off.

The strong predictable delivery of power is easy to modulate. Still, for those looking at the value proposition or perhaps less experienced riders, some will undoubtedly balk at the exclusion of traction control or ride modes.

Shifts are positive, and the only time I missed one was due to my own half-hearted pressure at the shifter. Gears are evenly spaced, and combined with the torque the CP2 is spitting out, one can be lazy with gear selection. While fueling is very well-tuned on the Tenerethere is a fair bit of driveline lash when rolling the throttle back on.

So much so that during our test ride through sinuous Spanish single-lane roads, a touch of clutch modulation was required to keep the Tenere from lurching forward when getting on the gas. I might have liked to see a bolt-on subframe as well, which, in the event the rear of the bike receives some significant damage, riders would be able to purchase just that piece, rather than being stuck with the entire frame trashed.

The KYB shock delivers 7.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Review | Motorcycle Tests

The suspension does a good job on pavement while still soaking up rocky terrain and small jumps with ease. Overall, I would call the suspension comfortable, not overly sporty on- or off-road, but capable in a wide variety of situations.

Naturally, as a bike whose lineage includes prototype rally racers should, the Tenere is outfitted with spoked tube-type and inch wheels.


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